Sustainable Master Planning

There are many environmental challenges that arise when planning communities, campuses, and neighbourhoods. Fluent works with developers, municipalities, and universities to provide insight on environmental measures and design concepts that improve the sustainability of their large developments. Important considerations include stormwater management, transit networks, green buildings, development density, and energy infrastructure. For those clients wanting to certify their project, LEED-ND is available for this type of development.

LEED for Neighbourhood Developments (LEED-ND)

LEED-ND expands on the environmental impact of buildings to encompass entire developments by focusing on layout, density, infrastructure, and local ecology. Neighbourhoods require a significant amount of planning and design – for this reason, certification is available at three distinct development phases. Fluent can provide insight and assistance at any of these phases, working with the developer and designers to integrate sustainable design features and components into the project.