About Fluent Group Consulting Engineers Inc.

Fluent Group was founded to provide high-quality, leading-edge consulting services that help building owners, developers, architects, and engineers design for sustainability in the built environment.

Our role, on each and every project we are involved with, is to develop client-responsive solutions that enhance both economic and environmental performance and deliver excellent value.

With passion and creativity, we apply a pragmatic engineering approach to:

  • improve building energy performance,
  • conserve natural resources,
  • enhance indoor environmental quality, and
  • reduce overall ecological impact.

This work crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and we have the expertise needed to help our clients succeed. We have a talented, multidisciplinary team of professionals that are some of the most experienced consultants in our field. We pride ourselves in delivering unparalleled service and comprehensive, unbiased guidance.

Through a collaborative process, we serve to unify the efforts of all members of a project team to help our clients achieve their sustainable design goals and objectives. Our ability to communicate effectively with all design disciplines enables us to deliver practical solutions that really work.

Most importantly, we understand that designing for sustainability is an investment. We exist to optimize the results of that investment and to help solve some of the most pressing issues of our time.