Other Green Standards

Toronto Green Standard Consulting

The Toronto Green Standard (TGS) is a two-tiered set of performance requirements related to sustainable design for new developments in the City of Toronto. The standard addresses air and water quality, greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, solid waste, and the natural environment. The Tier 1 requirements of the standard are mandatory for all new planning applications and the more stringent Tier 2 requirements are voluntary. TGS has many similarities to LEED, however there are some notable differences. Fluent Group has extensive experience working on projects that are required to meet the TGS and we can help you apply this standard to your next project.

ASHRAE 189.1 Consulting

While relatively new, ASHRAE 189.1 (Standard for the Design of High Performance, Green Buildings) may soon become the standard for leading edge building codes and industry performance. The 189.1 Standard has been referred to as “LEED in code language” as it contains many of the same design and construction elements (sites, water, energy, materials, IAQ, etc.). It is currently outlined as an “additional scope” on many project RFPs and it is likely to gain momentum over then next several years. Fluent Group is well equipped to help you apply this standard to your next project.

Living Building Challenge Consulting

The Living Building Challenge is considered the highest achievement in sustainable building design. It is a no-compromise standard that exemplifies sustainability in the built environment. Very few buildings have ever achieved a certified ‘living’ status. Although Fluent Group has never had the opportunity to work on a project that has elected to pursue the Living Building Challenge, we are ready when you are…