Energy Modeling & Design Optimization

Enhanced energy performance is a fundamental element of sustainable design. Reducing energy consumption not only reduces the environmental footprint of a building – it also offers one of the best opportunities to minimize operating costs over the life of a building.

Our energy services team provides customer-focused advice to help our clients reach their energy performance goals. Our role on a typical new construction project extends from concept design through to construction (and sometimes beyond). We provide recommendations based on extensive knowledge gained through a combination of energy modeling, engineering assessments, and real-world analysis of actual building performance.

We have many years of experience working with owners, developers, architects, and mechanical/electrical designers and we have developed an in-depth understanding of how to work with design teams to achieve an optimal building design within a given budget.

Our modeling services are in demand for a wide range of purposes including:

  • LEED Documentation
  • Toronto Green Standard Compliance (Tier 1 and Tier 2)
  • Building Code Compliance (ASHRAE 90.1/MNECB)
  • Incentive Applications (DAP, BBP-NC, NBCP, and HPNC)
  • Retrofit Evaluations
  • Technology Assessments
  • Measurement and Verifications (M&V)