LEED for Existing Buildings

Existing buildings present unique challenges when it comes to sustainable design. Since many of the systems in existing buildings simply can’t be changed, there are usually more limitations on potential design solutions. However, the changes that are possible often yield tremendous rewards, and seemingly small operational adjustments can result in significant performance improvements.

Fluent Group utilizes the same comprehensive and proactive methodology for existing buildings that we do for new projects – we just adjust our approach slightly. We immerse ourselves in the composition of each building we work on and we pay close attention to operational details.

We have found that the key to a successful LEED-EBOM project is to take the time to listen to the building operators and to observe first-hand how the building is actually working. Invariably, by combining this data with our extensive knowledge of building systems, we can find simple, low-cost ways to reduce energy and water consumption and we can identify more significant capital upgrades that can be implemented when deemed appropriate.  As well, with our multidisciplinary background, we have the knowledge to highlight key opportunities for upgrading building sites, reducing waste generation, and enhancing indoor environmental quality.

By working collaboratively with building owners and operators, we can help to optimize the energy and environmental performance of existing buildings and develop long-term plans for sustainability.