Energy Measurement & Verification

Measurement & Verification (M&V) is the process of using sub-metering devices to accurately and reliably measure the actual energy consumption of specific building end-uses and verify the energy savings associated with energy conservation measures. M&V activities generally consist of the following:

  • development of performance metrics
  • building systems design to facilitate sub-metering
  • meter selection, installation, and maintenance
  • data gathering and screening
  • data processing and analysis to verify energy performance
  • tracking and reporting of energy performance

An M&V program is not only a tool to verify, track, and report on the energy performance of a building. It is also an essential tool for providing the feedback necessary to improve energy performance over the long-term. M&V programs help identify energy efficiency measures that are working, and provide the means to correct measures that are not working to optimize overall building energy performance. In this way, M&V programs are a vital step towards verifying and optimizing real-world energy savings.

Fluent Group provides custom M&V solutions for new building projects (often as part of a LEED project). Our M&V experts collaborate with the design team and play an integral role throughout the design, equipment selection, equipment installation, and equipment commissioning process. Additionally, once building operations have begun, we provide the quantitative and qualitative data analyses required to understand and track energy performance. We also provide full modeling support to prepare the detailed calibrated energy models used to verify the energy savings. Our primary goal is to provide useful feedback to the Owner and building operators that will help realize optimal energy performance over the life of the building.