LEED for New Buildings

Our approach to LEED Consulting for new projects is comprehensive and proactive. As an integral member of the project team, we like to get involved as early as possible in the development process and to have an open line of communication with the other members of the team from concept design right through to the end of construction.

We provide guidance during all project phases (including concept design, design development, construction documents, and construction). Through this experience, we develop an intimate understanding of the building and a strong working relationship with everyone involved. This allows us to develop customized, project-specific solutions and puts us in the best position to successfully complete the final LEED certification process.

One of our first tasks is to lead the design team through an integrated design process. During this process, we propose ideas, assess options, collaborate with the designers, and make recommendations with respect to sustainable design measures that are appropriate for the project – all the while remaining conscious of project costs and limitations. Our extensive knowledge of building systems and their interactions allows us to “bridge the gap” across all disciplines.

Once a detailed strategy to achieve LEED has been developed, we prepare a Sustainable Design Basis document that defines the full range of sustainable design measures to be implemented on a project. This document becomes the cornerstone of the sustainable design process and serves as an invaluable reference for the duration of the project.

For the remainder of the design process and during the preparation of construction documents, we continue to provide guidance to the designers as details and complications emerge. We also prepare LEED specifications and complete design reviews to help ensure that the measures included in the Sustainable Design Basis are incorporated and implemented properly.

During construction, our role is to review contractor submittals and progress on site from a LEED perspective. We work closely with the construction team to keep the project on track, answer questions, and solve any problems that arise. As the project nears completion, we manage all aspects of the LEED certification process. By working closely with the Owner, the designers, and the contractors, we coordinate the efforts of the entire team toward a successful result.